Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The meaning of the real love is to ; get closer to Allah

I browsed through an Instagram of this one man who had just lost his beloved wife.

I really could not imagine myself if I were at in his shoes..

Losing the one that you love is..literally unbearable.

And I am really sure Allah tests him because HE loves him.
No other reasons for that.  :)

I like reading their caption.
It's like I am reading this one story of true love ; between a husband and a wife.
The sacrifices he made, and the pain she had to go through..
It sweet. This is the real sweetness. The real love.

From their captions, I could see how deeply they fall into each other..

I'm still in awe. Everytime I open my ig, I would always find myself to go back to their instagram.

It makes me to think that love is not just love. It is more than that.

For me, love is about accepting our loved ones flaws. Sounds cliche I know..but it's true!

And what I love about them are how keen they want to be reunited in Jannah :')

Then I realized, the real love is the one who brings you closer to Allah.
The one who is working his time out to make the relationship halal.
The one who always reminds you to miss Allah and Rasulullah..not him.
The one who trying hard to learn and upgraded his knowledge, especially the crucial part of Islam for the sake of your future.

In the end we all want to be in Jannah..

It hits me when I read this one caption, or maybe a motivation quote. I can't really remember it that well though but I kinda get the idea.. It states....

"If you love someone, you will bring them towards the Jannah..not the other one."

I don't trust this at first because I don't understand it and just pretending that I understand.
Like it was not a big deal and oh ok it was just a quote..

But you know when your other half act differently and he changed just knew it.
Figured it out, and I know this is the reason. He was true.

And the moment I realized that Allah sent him to me, revising those caption to me I know Allah wants the best for me. 

And you know, Allah really does not want to punish us.

Allah wants us to be in Jannah..

It strikes me whenever I read the Quran and I read the meaning, there are just like lots of reminder that Allah Maha Pengampun. Allah Maha Penyayang. Allah Maha Pemurah. and Maha means it's really big that none can ever compared to.

Allah wants us to do good deeds because it benefits ourselves. Clearly it benefits us for this temporary dunia and the akhirat :)

When you struggle to bring yourself closer to Allah, you will noticed that your heart is at ease.
All problems easily solved.
Your relationship with human just get better and even more better.
Your daily routine seems to settle easily!
Your heart tends to talk to itself..because you know it was Allah who helped you to settle those things down.
And many more.

I bet you surely know and feel more :)

It is really really special. This connection between us and Allah is so special.

Like none can beat this. Like this heart, our heart is telling us which is wrong which is right.

What should we do and whats not and need to be avoided.

Isn't this is a miracle? This little heart is telling us..and is showing the true way for ourselves.

It shows that your heart really wants you to get closer to Allah..

I find this is why the heart becomes uneasy or not at peace whenever I disobey Allah..

For example, solat procrastination. I named it that way, don't search for it in the dictionary ok! :p

You solat but you tangguh. Tapi Allah tak suka kita tangguhkan solat, dan ianya berdosa!

That is why our heart is not at ease when we delay our solat! 

That is just one example..we can actually figured it more. And I believe we are aware of what we did.

So, please bring yourself closer to Allah..then only you see everything falls perfectly and how magic it could be :)

Just my late night thoughts..

2.55 am, 12jan