Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Counter 3 or store?


I'm happy to tell you that.... I love counter 3! Ok that was too rush to make it as the opener of this entry but im not gonna share much ok! Can't promised that either :p So currently im in counter 3 and im gonna work here for two weeks which means I have another one week left which is next week. If you noticed in my previous entry, I did said that I kinda not really into this place as it is tiring, and the workloads are reaaaaally that much. You know what it means kan when I said the workloads.. Sometimes I wish the patient could come another day or go for another counter or another clinic as long as it is not me who work there.. Ok that was too much.

And... It happened to be that I love this counter yeay!! I love it more than I love store and Im starting to dislike store because yea, I just realize I didnt have to walk too much for this counter. The medicines are all around me unlike store which I have to lift the boxes, packing, and doing all the things that definitely easy but continuosly working almost non-stop.. So I choose counter 3! :p Do you want to know how was the working flow at this counter and what are my duties? Even if you dont want to know, i still gonna tell you :p

1- The blue basket was sent to our counter. Dont worry it was just a small basket, not the big one. There contained prescription in it. Usually one patient one prescription but there were also some cases where patient brings two prescription.
2- I looked and scan through the prescription. If it is the new prescription, then I only have to fill for two months straight. If it was the old presciption then I have to count the balance of medicines should be given. I have to look at the TCA date as well. TCA stands for To Come Again date which is the date that patient have to come and see the doctor. I used to think TCA was meant for them to see us and take the medicines... :D but no, it was for them to meet the doctor. Things like follow up. Yes follow up..

3- Filling time. The medicines are all around me but the place was a bit smaller but anyhow I still love filling. If three or more people were at the counter, I can say there wasnt enough space for us to move and take medicines. So it would be better for only two person at a time but that would make filling time became longer and the patient also would have to wait longer as counter 3 held the most basket among all.. Which now you know why I am hesitated to work here. The mindset that stuck in my mind killed me a bit at first but I have started to love this counter from the first day.

I was fasting and I compared between how was my first day here in counter and my day in the store. Surprisingly, the counter made me feel comfortable and I don't feel tired like how I was when Im in store. Yea I'm quite happy hehehe :D

So I guess that's all now for another entry.. I don't know if I did share that much in this entry but I guess yes I did share that much... Haha I can't stop writing once I've started.. :'D The good news is I will be finishing my practical for less than three weeks and I cant wait for that longgggg holidayyyyy weeeehooooo!!!

Assalamualaikum! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

So how was kk?

Assalamualaikum :)

Oh hai! Kk was awesome!  *answeringquestionthatImadebymyselflol* It has been quite a time kan since my last update.. Em I got nothing to share actually hehe just now Im doing my practical kat kk and it was really fun! Despite the fact that it is tiring n kena deal dgn ramai orang, ianya best because I didnt have to move so much mcm dekat hospital.. Everything dekat je and Im so happy la to go to work everyday :D Mula2 time masuk tu ada rasa malas sikit sbb biasala pukul 8 kan haha then lepas pukul 9 camtu rasa taknak balik pun ada sebab kerja dia penat tapi tempatnya kecik and best la takyah jalan banyak haha! Nampak tak ko sebenarnya malas jalan kan dulu kemain merungut kena g macam2 tempat timr kat hospital :p

So ada beberapa kaunter n the stor hehe.. For the first week i was at counter 5 and ok la sebab tak penat but bila bakul takde memang takde sangat.. Bila dah ada haaaaa tinggi melangit hahaha tapi kalau student ramai cepat je settle bakul tu :) Attached kat kaunter 5 for just a week je and then now Im at store for two weekssss!! This is the fact that you guys have to know and have to remember. Must remember ok!! I NEVER LIKE STORE. I NEVER LIKE DOING STORE JOB OR ANYTHING OR INDENT KE APE KE UWAAA but this time kan.. I find it worth to be in store sbb eh best la plak buat keje2 stor. Susun2 ubat, ikat ubat, packing ubat yes my favourite! :D So biasanya pagi2 sampai terus pergi kat madam tanya nk buat ape then kalau takde keje terus g bahagian pre packing then tolong pack ubat.. Mengantuk gak la pack2 ubat haha nasib ade air :'D Then bila dah siap pack kalau dah takde keje pergi kacau yg lain kat kaunter lain hehe.. Kat sini kaunter yg paling memenatkan adalah kaunter 5 sbb bakul dia non stopp and Ill be there next week huwaaaa.. Kena get ready mental n fizikal ni.. Hope everything will be okay insyaAllah :)

Lagi sebulan je nak habis and I kinda nervous thinking about what and how my life would be after this.. I dont even know what are the things that Im gonna do or the decisions that Im gonna take. They dont usually come easy, i know but Ill make sure it brings benefit to me and everyone. By means everyone I mean my parents :) I mean laaa I could have use parents kot but em couldnt be botheredddd haha

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Remove and reset

Maybe I should get rid of this thing off from me and maybe I'll live happily everrr after afterrr thiss. Maybe all I can do is training myself to accept everything and cherish every moment and to not worry some things that may happen.. But hey, that will be the future. And the future isn't here yet. But the present is here, so cherish it. Don't worry over things that we ourselves unsure of is it going to happen or not because it kills our mind so much. One and the last thing that I hope is, I hope some people could bother their own business rather than seek time and interfere with others' life... Everyone knows what and why they did so leave them alone. There must be a reason and thus, just mind yours.